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  • Bargains < $5
    Bargain ladies powder and perfume compacts for less than 5 dollars.
  • Compacts by Style
    Antique Compacts sorted by the manufacturing style
  •  Art Deco Compacts
    Art Deco Compacts from the 1920's for sale
  •  Chatelaine Compacts
    Hard to find Chatelaine Compacts for sale. The selection may including rouge and dance card holders.
  •  Flapjack Compacts
    Flapjack Compacts are the largest of the powder compacts. They are sometimes 4" in diameter and flat like a pancake. That is how they got the name flap jack or flapjack.
  •  Guilloche Compacts
    Beautiful Guilloche Compacts with enamel surfaces. Many were made in the 1930's and even earlier than that.
  •  Mirrored Compacts
    Mirrored Compact and compact purses in many shapes, styles and sizes.
  •  Ring Compacts
    1920's and 1930's Art Deco Finger Ring Chain Compacts.
  • Designer Compacts
    Designer Antique Compacts for sale. Antique and Vintage Compacts by Henriette, Estee Lauder and many others.
  •  Avon Compacts
    Avon Compacts for sale. Vintage Gold and Silver Avon compacts.
  •  Bliss Compacts
    Vintage Bliss Compacts for sale including Mother of Pearl Compacts.
  •  Djer Compacts
    Vintage Djer / Kiss powder and perfume compacts for sale.
  •  Dorset Compacts
    Dorset Compacts for sale. Including Art Deco, enameled, and flapjack compacts. 5th Ave New York.
  •  Elgin Compacts
    Elgin Compacts for sale including gold, enameled and ornately decorated compacts.
  •  Estee Lauder Compacts
    Estee Lauder Compacts including Lucky Coin powder and solid perfume compacts.
  •  Evans Compacts
    Evans Compacts including rhinestone compacts and compact purses. Vintage Mesh Purses.
  •  Fifth Avenue Compacts
    Fifth Avenue Compacts for sale including Zell and Dorset. Huge flapjack compacts in gold and silver.
  •  Gwenda Compacts
    Gwenda Compacts for sale. Scenic compacts and tins with Victorian motiff.
  •  Henriette Compacts
    Henriette Compacts are shown here including compact cigarette cases.
  •  Houbigant Compacts
    Houbigant enameled Compacts for sale. Enameled floral compacts and rouge sets
  •  Hudnut Compacts
    1920's Hudnut Compacts. Richard Hudnet New York and Paris. Dubarry rouge compact.
  •  Judith Leiber Compacts
    Judith Leiber Estee Lauder Compacts. These compacts contain powder and solid perfume. They are very ornate cystal inlaid compacts.
  •  Kigu Compacts
    Kigu of London Compacts including Mother of Pearl and Musical Compacts.
  •  Langlois Compacts
    Langlois Compacts for sale including Basket of Flowers and Cameo Powder Compacts.
  •  Lilly Dache Compacts
    Lilly Dache Compacts for sale. These hard to find compacts are occasionally available.
  •  Marhill Compacts
    Marhill Compacts for sale including leather,cobra skin and Mother of Pearl Vintage Powder compacts.
  •  Max Factor Compacts
    Max Factor powder and perfume compacts for sale including classic cameo and floral cameo compacts.
  •  Melba Compacts
    Melba Compacts. These hard to find vintage powder compacts rarely come up for sale but are occasionally available.
  •  Mondaine Compacts
    Mondaine Compacts for sale including leather book compacts and velvet dance purse.
  •  Revlon Compacts
    Revlon Compacts for sale including matching lipstick and rouge compacts.
  •  Rex Compacts
    Rex fifth avenue compacts for sale including large flapjack compacts and a large selection of enameled compacts. Rex 5th Ave.
  •  Ritz Compacts
    Vintage Ritz and Charles of the Ritz compacts for sale.
  •  Stratton Compacts
    Vintage Stratton of England compacts for sale including Wedgewood designs, enameled compacts and scenic compacts.
  •  Strongwater Compacts
    Jay Strongwater compacts for sale including salamander, poppy, pansy and rose compacts.
  •  Tiffany Compacts
    Tiffany and Company compacts for sale including Sterling Silver and 14k gold compacts.
  •  Volupte Compacts
    Volupte compacts for sale including book style compacts and compact purses.
  •  Woodworth Compacts
    Woodworth Compacts for sale
  •  Yardley Compacts
    Yardley of London compacts for sale including lipstick and powder compact collections.
  •  Zell Compacts
    Zell 5th Ave compacts for sale including lucite and flapjack powder compacts.
  • Compacts by Material
    Antique Compacts are listed here by the material they are made of including gold, silver, and celluloid.
  •  Bakelite Compacts
    Antique and Vintage Bakelite Compacts for sale from all of the best compact manufacturers.
  •  Brass Compacts
    Brass Compacts for sale including 1939 Worlds Fair and Military powder compacts.
  •  Cameo Compacts
    Cameo Compacts for sale including Wedgwood and classic female bust cameos. Powder and solid perfume compacts.
  •  Celluloid Compacts
    Celluloid Compacts from the 1930's and 1940's including solid color, marbelized, and ones with decals.
  •  Cloisonne Compacts
    Cloisonne Compacts for sale including Evans and Fifth Ave compacts.
  •  Enamel Compacts
    Enamel ladies Compacts for sale including silver, sterling, guilded, and guilloche.
  •  Gold Compacts
    Gold Compacts for sale including gold, gold tone, and gold with silver combination.
  •  Mother of Pearl Compacts
    Mother of Pearl Compacts for sale including ones fromEvans, Marhill, and Volupte.
  •  Pearl Compacts
    Beautiful Compacts adorned with a single pearl or a whole string of pearls.
  •  Rhinestone Compacts
    Many different compacts each adorned with a variety of Rhinestones and crystals
  •  Silver Compacts
    Silver Compacts for sale including sterling and coin silver.
  • Compacts by Age
    Here the Antique ladies powder and perfume compacts are sorted by their age. From Antique Compacts and also vintage ones are available here.
  •  Pre-1930 Compacts
    Pre-1930 Compacts for sale including Art Deco, enameled, and flapjack.
  •  1930-1949 Compacts
    Vintage compacts made between the years 1930-1949. Included celluloid compacts.
  •  1950-1979 Compacts
    Compacts manufactured from 1950-1979 for sale including figural compacts
  •  1980-Now Compacts
    These are Compacts manufactured after 1980 including some from Estee Lauder, Jay Strongwater, and Judith Leiber.
  •  Unknown Age
    Compacts of unknown age for sale some believed to be from the 19th century.
  • Perfumes
    Antique and unique Perfumes and perfume bottles for sale at the Antique Compact Store including the atomizer type of bottle.
  • Vanity Items
    Vanity, Perfume & Shaving items available at the Antique Compact Shop
  •  Hand Mirrors
    Vintage and Antique Hand Mirrors in gold or silver for sale
  •  Lipstick Tubes / Holders
    Vintage and Antique Lipstick Tubes and Holders at the Antique compact store including silver, gold, and sterling.
  •  Pill Boxes
    Antique and Vintage Pill Boxes at the Antique Compact shop. A large variety of materials and sizes.
  •  Powder Boxes
    Antique and Vintage Ladies Powder Boxes available at the Antique Compact shop.
  •  Trinket Boxes
    Vintage and Antique Powder Jars and Trinket Boxes for sale
  •  Vanity Accessories
    Antique and Vintage Vanity Accessories for sale
  •  Vanity Sets
    Antique and Vintage Vanity Sets for sale

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