Vintage Stratton of England Compacts


Collecting antiques has always been a popular hobby as they give insight to bygone times. One such item is the collection of antique ladies compacts. Their beauty, style and design shows fine craftsmanship as well as a glimpse into an era where glamor was valued and looking your best at all times was vastly important. Because these vintage compacts were of such value to a ladies wardrobe, many powder compacts still exist today, and can be quite easy to find, whether you are looking for inexpensive antique compacts to start a collection, or expensive vintage compacts as an investment.

One popular brand of antique ladies compact is Stratton of England. They have been making quality accessories since the late 1800s. Stratton compacts are increasing in value as their handmade compacts are sought after by all collectors. They are typically round in shape, with finishes of gold or silver, often inlaid with marble, crystal or other fine materials. Stratton compacts are known for fitting perfecting in the lady's hand and have a powder lid release that is automatic to prevent damaging the perfectly manicured nail. Stratton still manufactures beautiful, quality compacts today and though brand new compacts are fabulous, antique powder compacts can be a great investment or make wonderful gifts.




Stratton of London Powder Compact

Stratton of London Powder Compact

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